About Us

Welcome to Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS)

The Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS) was established in 1986 as a non-profit organisation to promote the cause of educational excellence in Singapore and the region via the conduct, promotion and use of relevant educational research.

ERAS is a founding member of the World Educational Research Association (WERA). WERA was officially established by 24 national, regional, and international specialty education research associations meeting in San Diego, California on 18 April 2009.

ERAS is aware of the need to involve practitioners in defining and finding solutions to educational problems and issues. ERAS aims to

  • promote the practice and utilisation of educational research with a view to enhancing the quality of education;
  • promote and facilitate collaborative research efforts;
  • improve the training and facilities for educational personnel;
  • promote critical discussion of problems, methods, presentation and use of educational research;
  • disseminate educational research findings; and
  • facilitate closer ties with the international research community.
  • facilitate closer ties with the international research community.

Among the activities organised by ERAS are:

  • workshops and seminars on educational problems, issues and research skills;
  • annual conferences to encourage collaboration in research and dissemination of research findings;
  • dissemination of information via newsletters and other publications about the latest developments in educational research; and
  • inviting distinguished local and international researchers to share research findings and experiences.