Aims and Activities

The aims and the activities of the Educational Research Association of Singapore


  1. promote the practice and utilization of educational research with a view to enhancing the quality of education
  2. encourage schools to carry out action research
  3. stimulate and facilitate collaborative research efforts
  4. seek to improve the training and facilities for educational research personnel
  5. promote critical discussion into problems, methods, presentation and use of educational research
  6. seek the dissemination of educational research findings
  7. facilitate closer ties with the international research community


  1. workshops and seminars to address educational problems and issues, and to improve research skills
  2. collaborative projects with schools to assist in the solution of educational problems
  3. an annual conference to encourage dissemination of research findings and encourage collaboration in research
  4. invitation of distinguished local and international experts to share findings and experiences
  5. newletters and other publications to disseminate information about the latest developments in educational research
  6. social functions to enable educationists and researchers to interact informally