ERAS Conference & WERA Focal Meeting 2023

31 Jan 2024

Thank you

The Organising Committee will like to thank everyone who presented, attended or supported the ERAS-WERA International Conference 2023 in one way or another to make our conference a fruitful and successful one. The conference was graced by Ms. Liew Wei Li, Director-General of Education of Singapore’s Ministry of Education, who opened the conference with her thoughtful opening address, highlighting the importance of educational research in influencing policy and practice. It was attended by more than 850 delegates from 30 other countries excluding Singapore. The conference contributed to the promotion of educational research, policymaking and educational practices which benefit our next generation in the new century.

Programme Booklet


Keynote Speakers


(Passcode: ERASwera2023
Available until 31 Mar 2024)


Keynote 1: Assoc Prof Chua Bee Leng
Preparing teachers: Always future-ready and never totally ready


Keynote 2: Prof Lin Goodwin
Dead ideas, missing ideas, and enduring idea(l)s: Perspectives for seeing teacher education with fresh eyes


Keynote 3: Prof Gustavo Fischman
We deserve the research that we measure and reward: A humble proposal to make education research more usable and trustworthy


Keynote 4: Assoc Prof Tan Seng Chee
Forging Ahead: Teaching And Learning With Technology In A Post-Pandemic World


Keynote 5: Dr Ho Shen Yong
Authentic Learning: A Key to Future-Proofing our Students


Keynote 6: Prof Irma Eloff
Teaching sustainability: the critical role of education in creating prosperity, peace and partnerships for people and the planet


Keynote 7: Prof Kenneth Poon 
Two Decades of Support for Primary and Secondary Students with Special Educational Needs in Singapore: What Next for Research?




(Passcode: ERASwera2023
Available until 31 Mar 2024)